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 At KIAN, we pride ourselves in being a Tribe that consists of amazing individuals, or Warriors, who are linked by a common culture.

With our uncompromisable belief in building People, we applaud individualism and encourage our Warriors to discover and find their own path that is guided by our Core Purpose and Values.

We offer a curriculum of relevant training courses, as well as comprehensive career development pathways to aid our Warriors

in finding their ideal position. And with our diverse representatives and various companies from all around the world,

the opportunities are endless for those who seek it.   

That is exactly what the 1KIAN Tribe is.



We believe in forming authentic relationships with our suppliers and customers as well as with each other. The wonderful industry-experienced people we have are always thinking of better ways to operate proactively and reliably as a single unit, with singular commitment to excellence and professionalism. 



We believe in investing in the next generation as they are the future. Our world-class internship programme offers real-working experiences through a catered curriculum that will assist you in developing the right skills and mindset.

Discover Your Potential

We’re always eager to meet new Warriors to join our tribe.

Drop us an email and find out if the 1KIAN Tribe is the right fit for you!

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