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Promises are meant to be kept, so we don’t make ours lightly. The KIAN Brand Promise

says what you can expect from us.  


Expect higher creativity and better designed systems.   


Combining style and performance, our versatile and timeless Original Designs cater to various market segments. Our ‘better design’ mindset is applied to all fields of endeavour within KIAN to give you ever better end-to-end service.
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Expect to have peace of mind and convenience. We provide smart and total furniture solutions, prompt responses, and reliable coordinated on-time delivery. 


Expect exclusivity and reasonable prices. Our Original Designs are created only for KIAN by award-winning international designers, and cost savings from our LEAN factories are passed on to you. 


Expect to engage with a company that has a conscience, one that cares for the environment and for the total wellbeing of its people.  


We want to help make our world a cleaner, safer, more sustainable home. Partner with us if your business shares a similar vision for greener products and happy employees.

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By leveraging on our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to guarantee that only the best materials are used in producing our furniture. And before it leaves our doors, the products undergo stringent quality control which ensures that you, our customer, gets to enjoy high-quality furniture that is expected of KIAN standards.


Make your space totally unique. We can outfit any area with tailor-made furniture that expresses the look, feel, colours, materials and furniture size you envision for it. Consult our designers on the feasibility of the design you have in mind and let our manufacturing expertise take over.


We can help you to find particular furniture items which we don’t manufacture. Using our worldwide network of reliable suppliers, we have quick access to what you require and at the best prices. More than that, we can also help you to consolidate your order from these suppliers. You save time and effort.


As part of our comprehensive services, we will source for the right materials and consolidate them for the right project. With our consultation, we will assist in guiding you through the selection process where we will choose the best looking and most cost-effective materials for your project.


Outfitting a space, particularly a large area or several areas at the same time, involves more than simply moving in furniture. We take the hassle out of furnishing places by expertly managing the project from start to finish.


Our skilled and experienced teams are constantly working with the customer’s best interests in mind. Whether planning for the layout of your project or designing appropriate furniture, we ensure that you will always receive the best consultation and guidance needed. Let us know your vision and we’ll help turn it into a reality.


Once a project is completed, it doesn’t just end there. Your satisfaction is important to us and we ensure that your business remains in tip-top shape even after the furniture has been installed. Let us know if you’ve encountered any mishaps and we’ll be there as soon as possible with a solution. All our furniture comes with a 2-year warranty period.

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