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Our goal is to craft furniture pieces that stand the test of time while minimising harm to the environment. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to explore innovative processes, materials, and manufacturing techniques. Through continuous improvement, we strive to enhance our sustainability performance while ensuring consumer safety and quality. Many of our products undergo rigorous testing by independent bodies to meet international standards for eco-friendly materials. 



Our eco-friendly range of fabrics uses Global Recycle Standard (GRS)-certified fibres made from recycled PET bottles. These fabrics are also recyclable and meet OEKO-TEX®100 standards. 



Bamboo strands, a material derived from the fast-growing bamboo plant. It can grow up to 35 to 40 inches per day on average across different species. Unlike typical wood, bamboo strands require maintenance akin to teak wood to maintain their aesthetic appeal, ensuring longevity and durability for indoor and outdoor usage. Additionally, their versatility allows for upcycling into furniture pieces such as tables, highlighting their eco-friendly and practical benefits in modern design. 



For every cubic metre of strawboard used in furniture in place of plywood, there is a reduction of 1.66 tons in ! emissions and 18 mature trees are saved. Composed of 95% agricultural straw, strawboard items contain no formaldehyde additives or plastic resin. It is also CARB-compliant and has no VOCs. 

OP Pelletes.jpg


We honour the importance of the marine ecosystem and its preservation by transforming plastic waste into functional, award-winning designer chairs. With the introduction of our Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) range, plastic wastes have been ethically gathered from coastlines around Malaysia. These tiny plastic palettes are then injected with nature-inspired colours such as Moss Green and White Sand.

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Off-cuts discarded by blue jeans manufacturers find new life as reclaimed denim fibre, an innovative composite material made from 60% recycled cotton fibres. Used as hardwearing and durable laminates, each laminated board features the classic denim twill weave. 



Coffee grounds are not just good as fertiliser anymore, it is now utilised as an innovative building block for our sustainable Coffee Ground Tabletops and Chairs. Made from a combination of plastic board materials missed with up to 30% coffee grounds, they are treated to be waterproof, making it easy to clean and ideal for shaded outdoor environments.

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