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Download our marketing collaterals here. 


Workspace stories Catalogue.png

Workspace Stories Catalogue

outdoor catalogue 2020 cover.JPG

Outdoor Catalogue

Workspace Catalogue - 24-7-2020 FA - Low

Workspace Catalogue

2020 designer catalogue -2-4-2020 _Page_

Designer Catalogue 2020

KDS Cover 2022.JPG

KIAN Design Studio Catalogue

Timber catalog 21-22.jpg

Timber Catalogue

OP Leaflet Cover.png

Ocean Plastic Collection

KHK Contract  2019-2020 - FA - 5-9-2019_

Contract Catalogue

Kian Function CAT -15 (cover).jpg

Function Catalogue

2020.03.04_Plashaus_Ocean Plastic_Brochu

Ocean Plastic Brochure


KIAN Education Journal.jpeg

Education Journal

VIFA + IHS Newsletter - Issue 16 -FA 28-

Newsletter Issue #16

KIAN Hotel Journal Newsletter.jpg

Hotel Journal Newsletter

SIFF2019 _ Newsletter Issue 17 - FA 23-8

Newsletter Issue #17

FHM2019 _ Newsletter Issue 18 - FA-Hi Re

Newsletter Issue #18


2020 designer catalogue -2-4-2020 _Page_01-01 copy.png

Sustainability Profile


Hotel Photo book Vol.3 - FA 31-5-21.jpeg

Hotel & Accommodation

Workspace Photobook.png


Education Photobook.png


Universal Beijing Resort 2021 -  Cover.jpg

Universal Beijing Resort

Lifestyle Restaurant Photobook.png

Lifestyle Restaurant

Hotel Project Story Daydream 2019.jpg

Daydream Island Resort

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