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Creating The Perfect Paradise

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

The Journey To Create A Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

Set amidst an unending blanket of azure waters around slivers of pristine white sand, Raa Atoll in Maldives is a canvas painted by rich natural beauty. Nestled in its scenic beauty is Heritance Aarah, a luxurious 5-Star resort that gives you exclusive access to this little piece of paradise on Earth. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, guests at Heritance Aarah will find themselves blissfully relaxed as they enjoy the beautiful view from atop stilted accommodations that feature custom-made KIAN furniture, purposed solely for one’s pleasure. However, as with all things, achieving this dream came with no shortage of perseverance and dedication.

In the beginning stages, Heritance Hotels & Resorts came to KIAN with their intention to create the perfect image of a luxurious island resort. Our team of KIAN experts, from start to finish, took control of the project management and worked closely with architects and designers of Heritage Aarah to turn this dream into a reality. We kickstarted the project by going through their desired furniture specifications and proportions, and consulted them on the selection of sofa, sideboard, bench, table and outdoor furniture designs that would fit perfectly in their resort. Once everything was confirmed, we immediately began sourcing for the furniture from our trusted partners in Indonesia.

After sourcing, we were faced with our first obstacle in our Heritance Aarah journey, transporting the furniture from Indonesia all the way to the little island in Maldives. While the remoteness and seclusion of Raa Atoll has given it its charm of fantastic beaches and crystal-clear waters, the lack of proper infrastructure meant that the ships carrying 3,500 pieces of our KIAN furniture could not dock to deliver. Although presented with this logistical issue, our team of KIAN experts took a proactive approach and found solutions along the way to tackle this problem head on.

No matter the challenge, we adjusted our efforts accordingly to ensure that everything was delivered on time and that all the furniture was installed and inspected thoroughly with the expected quality of KIAN standards. After a long journey of 10 months, Heritance Aarah opened its doors to the world without a moment’s delay and KIAN could proudly exclaim that we have furnished this fantastical project that lives up to its title of paradise on Earth. This journey was an important learning experience for us, and we are humbled to have been able to furnish and be a part of this Iconic Project.

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