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Introducing our latest Work Anywhere Range


Businesses in the 21st century are rapidly evolving, and the rising need for mobility and flexibility is steadily defining the work culture of today. Whether you're having a cup of tea before your next meeting, or waiting to catch your flight at the airport, the ease of picking up and starting work has become a necessity. With the introduction of KIAN's latest Work Anywhere range, we aim for an efficient transition into this fast-paced and on-the-go working lifestyle.

You can now seamlessly transform traditional offices into mobile co-working spaces where working anywhere is possible. Travelling for work? Our versatile furniture, when cleverly placed, can also turn any public space into a workspace. Any business encouraging collaborative and agile working will find KIAN's Work Anywhere range to be perfect for their needs.

The Work Anywhere range includes the modular Lai and Mosaico Sofa Collections that will allow work to be picked up and started efficiently with any sort of combination. The Zeat and T-Chair Collections are also featured as the different chair variations and customisable leg options provide the versatility to change any space into a workspace.

To find out more about our latest Work Anywhere range, get in touch with us at

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