From Shatin, For Shatin

For KIAN, our Brand Promise is something that we keep close to our hearts, and we are always proactively looking to partner ourselves with like-minded individuals who share the goal of creating a Better World. One such partnership particularly stood out for us, and we were thrilled to be presented with such an amazing opportunity.

On the outskirts of the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong lies the town of Shatin, a quaint location that runs alongside the Shing Mun River. Home to people from all walks of life, they go about their days in peace and harmony. But as with all areas with a sizeable population, the problem of pollution has been creeping up over the years, with the beauty of the Shing Mun River slowly being overshadowed by plastic waste.

In an effort to restore the image of the town and river, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of Shatin initiated their “From Shatin, For Shatin” project. Collaborating with local waste collection organisations, plastic wastes from the residents would be collected and transformed into eco-friendly public benches to be placed in the Shatin Town Hall. To kickstart this project, the Shatin team needed the manufacturing expertise that could fabricate the bench from the recycled materials. And so began our beautiful journey.