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We're thrilled to unveil a sustainable initiative that marries style with environmental responsibility—the KIAN L.O.V.E on a Sleeve with Seed Paper.

Crafted from fabric off-cuts (leftovers), these sleeves epitomise our dedication to upcycling and waste reduction. But there's more to it, in accordance with our determination to create a more sustainable world. Our L.O.V.E on a Sleeve adheres to the 8th and 12th Sustainable Development Goals: Decent Work and Economic Growth as well as Responsible Consumption and Production. By upcycling fabric off-cuts and advocating for seed paper, we play an active role in waste reduction and the advancement of sustainable consumption. Furthermore, with the help of Dignity Foundation, we are empowered to help people from all walks of life and put them into workforce circulation to better our economy. Our initiative is geared towards fostering responsible production methods and motivating

individuals to adopt mindful practices in their daily lives. 

How it works: 

Step 1: Slip your plastic bottle into the sleeve. 

Step 2: Gently nestle your plant into the awaiting bottle within the sleeve. 

Step 3: Voilà! Witness how your plastic bottle into a chic eco-friendly vase! 

Every sleeve comes attached with a piece of seed paper. Crafted by wastepaper, mixed with seeds in water. This, in return, promotes sustainability by reducing waste and transforming what would be discarded paper into something useful and environmentally beneficial, thus closing the circular gap. 

How it works: 

Step 1: Tear seed paper into smaller pieces and soak in water. 

Step 2: Allow the seed paper to soak overnight. 

Step 3: Plant soaked seed paper into the soil. 

Step 4: Nurture with watering and observe the growth of a new plant. 

Our L.O.V.E on a Sleeve with Seed Paper embodies growth, renewal, and a commitment to a greener tomorrow. It's a statement of elegance and responsibility—a symbol of our shared journey towards a Better World. 

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We appreciate these meaningful projects that prioritize sustainability. Thank you for sharing and leading by example in promoting sustainable initiatives. 🙂 SW

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