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KIAN X ILAM: Driven for a Better World

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We live in a world of finite resources, and therefore to secure an infinite growth for our business we first must reflect upon our actions towards mother earth and change! Sustainable change begins from balancing business growth and our environmental responsibility. Although change isn’t easy, more organisations are doing their part to expand the circular economy. As a global player within the industry it is our duty to unite the minds of the industry, share our expertise, keep track of our environmental accountability, establish ethical standards, and develop innovative green alternatives.

Be the Change the World Needs

KIAN understands this balance; hence we have collaborated with our eco-partners to bring to the market a wider sustainable range. Our collection now includes materials made from denim jeans and ocean plastic, while expanding more options with recycled plastic materials. Our Louvre chair, alongside Sipario by Nardi and ocean fabric textile, are some of the products that were transformed from ocean-bound plastic and recycled plastic, respectively.

As such, it was a great opportunity to host From Sea to Seat with the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) at our Sungai Buloh headquarters, giving us the chance to share our sustainable journey and expertise.

We asked one of the attendees about her thoughts on the session.

What’s your first thought about landscape architecture? Most often, the answer will be on trees and landscapes. I want to change other’s perspective about our industry, as we are doing more than just that.” says Sofia, an ILAM member who is advocating for more proactive change in the industry. “We are building awareness and opportunities on sustainable products. So, this is a good session for us to open our minds.”

People. Culture. Environment: What does it really mean?

Divided into three sessions, we kicked off with Irene, KIAN’s Group Branding Chief Marketing Officer, on our sustainable journey. She shared on the organisations’ brand promise: Better Design, Better Value and Better World as the lighthouse guiding our sails towards creating better products with better business and environmental practices. We understand that sustainability does not only lie in the products that we offer, but also through internal engagement and education, and in establishing green policies for our people to lead by example.

Irene sharing on KIAN’s green products and initiatives

Fatiheen, an ILAM’s Assistant Manager shared her two cents.

“It’s an insightful topic for the landscape architecture industry. We must consider more on the sustainability aspect when developing a product” says Fatiheen. “Like KIAN’s Ocean Plastic (OP) chairs, it’s good to see more green efforts.”

The session continues with Peter Mikkelsen. As POET’s Managing Director, he added that business and operation need to have a significant positive impact on society and the environment. The aim is to be an organisation that is always gunning to meet higher environmental standards instead of a sole focus on just profits. KIAN and POET have doubled down on commitments; paving the way to achieve the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) pledges and to become a B-corp company within 2 years.

Peter on using business as a force for good

Debbie, KIAN’s Chief Culture Officer, closed the session with the sharing of her personal journey over the last 33 years. She gave insights on KIAN’s culture crossroads, and the direction we chose that has molded KIAN to become what it is today. We are now heavily focused on leadership development and people-centered culture. “Culture is the shadow of the leader.” says Debbie. “…We can bring positive changes that we want to see, starting with ourselves. Gradually, it becomes a shared value that we bring back to our homes, thus contributing to the creation of a Better World.”

Debbie believes that a sustainable culture starts with Better Me

Before they left for the showroom tour, ILAM members received an appreciation gift. They were given a black stationary case (upcycled from old seat belts) and Dignity tote bags to take home. These tote bags are special as they are made with leftover Aquaclean fabrics found in our factories, effectively cutting down on waste.

Left: Ee Cheng presented a gift bag to an ILAM representative

Right: Upcycled gifts

Guided by our charismatic warriors, Kean Boon and Amir Baharudin gave the ILAM team a closer look at the sustainable materials used by us, and some of our innovative Activity-based Workspace modular designs. More insights were shared while they were gathered in the newly launched Work Anywhere (WA) showroom. Through this event, we hope to keep the motion of sustainability marching forward across the industry.

From left to right: A showroom tour with Kean Boon and Amir


If you would like to experience these sessions yourself, contact us today at

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