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KIAN x Novartis

Updated: Jun 22, 2022


The working culture of today as we know it has completely evolved. Employees are shying away from the rigidity of four-walled offices and are now in favour of open, flexible spaces that emphasise on casual, comfortable, and collaborative working. Whether to satisfy our basic need of building meaningful relationships with our colleagues, or just finding a cosy, quiet spot to focus on work, the ability to pick up and work anywhere is becoming the norm and a necessity. And one such brand understands this need to change thoroughly.


The Novartis Workspace, housed in Imazium @ Selangor, Malaysia, is one of our latest projects that we have serviced with our repertoire of KIAN workspace solutions. Featuring a total floor space of 44,000 sq ft, we provided the full furnishing solutions to create a modern Activity-Based Workspace that offers multiple types of comfortable working environments. From spacious collaborative areas to quiet private booths, employees are given the opportunity to choose how and when they work.

Total areas we furnished:

  • Staff Cafeteria

  • Workstations

  • Hot desks

  • Training rooms

  • Reception Area

  • Meeting Area

  • Staff Pantry

  • Quiet Focus Space

Left: Staff cafeteria housing our sustainable Ocean Plastic 120 chairs and Coffee Ground tables

Right: Smart conference area, with an abundance of natural light for concentration and well-being

Left: Collaboration/meeting room with an open, circular countertop for easy discussions

Right: Socialisation area with a wide-open space for employees who love to be on their feet

Left: Cosy pantry area that provides homely comfort

Middle: Hot desking overlooked by a masterpiece painted by a local autistic artist Artjamila using acrylic and asbestos free bitumen sealant on the canvas

Right: Smart and ergonomic ACTIU by KIAN furniture creates a conducive training environment

Collaboration and Socialisation areas that are furnished with plush upholstered furniture for extra cosiness


This was also one of our workspace projects where we provided a total turnkey solution. Right at the beginning, during the conceptual stage, our expert workspace team gave objective consultation on furniture selection and assisted in creating detailed 3D layouts to aid in visualisation. Once agreed upon, we then used our knowledge to source and customise the furniture to tailor to the needs of the business, and finally, promptly delivered and installed all the furniture thoroughly in time for their opening. However, the biggest highlight of this project was that Novartis had specifically chosen KIAN for our sustainable initiatives.

Through the mutual connections that we have built, we were able to reach out to Dennis Lee, Cluster Head of Novartis Malaysia, and invite him for a tour of our showroom. Walking around, Dennis expressed his amazement at our list of services and varied selection, with our Ocean Plastic Collection especially catching his eye as none of the other vendors offered sustainable options. As the Imazium building is Platinum LEED Certified, a requirement for Dennis was that the workspace needed comprehensive and sustainable solutions, which is why he stated that KIAN was the ideal choice for the project. And so, our new partnership was born.

Imazium Building, PLATINUM LEED Certificate

The complete delivery to the Novartis workspace included our Ocean Plastic 120 chair which is made of recycled ocean-bound plastics, as well as a special order of our sustainable tabletops made of 35% recycled coffee grounds. Apart from that, furniture from ACTIU by KIAN was also included for their ergonomic designs and focus on employee well-being, with most of the furniture upholstered with revolutionary Aquaclean fabrics to keep the workspace clean and hygienic.

“Management and associates were both amazed when they saw the Coffee Ground tables.”

Dennis Lee on our Coffee Ground Tabletop

Left: Sustainable tabletop made of 35% recycled coffee grounds

Right: Ocean Plastic 120 chair made of recycled ocean-bound plastics

The mobile and versatile ACTIU Talent tables and Urban chairs are perfect for multipurpose spaces that need quick furniture rearrangement

Range of our workspace furniture that has been upholstered with Aquaclean, where common stains and dirt can be easily cleaned away with just water.


However, as with all major projects, there are bound to be hiccups along the way. But in true KIAN fashion, we applied our problem-solving expertise and devised appropriate solutions to ensure that the project would continue to run smoothly. We were even fortunate enough to receive a testimonial from Dennis himself.

“Working with KIAN has been simply amazing. We had many open discussions about the project, and everybody was more than eager to jump in and help. Even when problems presented themselves, KIAN was able to resolve them like nobody else.”

Dennis Lee on his experience working with KIAN

Novartis Cluster Head Dennis Lee together with KIAN Group Chairman James Ng, KIAN Malaysia CEO Chris Chan, KIAN Group CMO Irene Lim, KIAN Workspace General Manager Kean Boon, and our team of workspace experts


Once the project was handed over, Dennis was able to achieve his goal for wellness and sustainability, with the Novartis Workspace being awarded with the WELL Precertification and the Gold LEED Certification. We at KIAN are more than grateful to have been a part of this momentous journey and to have provided the solutions for our partner to achieve these accreditations. Hopefully, in the future we will have more opportunities to work together again, and with other like-minded brands who share the same vision.

Left: Novartis Workspace, WELL Precertification

Right: Novartis Workspace, GOLD Leed Certificate

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