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KIAN x Taylor’s University

A Pledge to a Better World

In KIAN, we strongly believe in people who act as the catalyst of their own enrichment which then contributes to a Better World. The effort in pursuing continuous learning is the backbone in forming future leaders of tomorrow.

Left: KIAN Malaysia representatives with Taylor’s University lecturers

Right: Colourful array of Kwadrat chairs at our showroom

The recent collaboration between KIAN and Taylor’s University continues to pave the way for experts in the local furniture industry to get up close to bright, young minds. Our shared goal is to increase their awareness on the thoughts and processes that goes into product design, development, and manufacturing before they present their final project in June 2022. The KIAN Malaysia team dedicated their time to ensure a thorough experience for the students with a day of training and touring of our factory, showroom and Head Office situated in Sungai Buloh, Malaysia on 25 May 2022.

Left: Ying Kit, our merchandising expert, showing a sample of edging in our factory

Right: A live demonstration on how HPL is applied onto a tabletop

Our efforts were rewarded when we saw animated interactions between our KIAN Warriors and the university students as they went through lively Q&A sessions. Cyndi Tan, our Group Product Designer, as well as product development expert eagerly appealed to the students' unquenchable curiosities by conducting impromptu demonstrations. These were done with the help of visual aids and products in various mixtures of materials and colours which were displayed in our showroom.

KIAN & Taylor’s University posing for a group photo

This shared experience with the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Interior Architecture students was invaluable as it will lay the foundation to bridge the gap between present and future talents. After all, it is in our earnest hope that these future leaders may continue to brave through the odds with sheer tenacity for the creation of a Better World, as well as to carry it forward on whichever path they may take.

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