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MIFF & EFE: Southeast Asia’s Top Tradeshows are Back in 2023!

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

MIFF and EFE are two sought after international export furniture tradeshows held in Kuala Lumpur from 01 – 10 March 2023. It served as a one-stop product sourcing hub for buyers, retailers and visitors from more than 14 countries across the globe. It was a vital platform for exhibitors, industry leaders and experts to build their network and exchange ideas on how to drive the furniture industry to greater heights.

Our Journey in Circularity

We took this chance to showcase our efforts in tackling plastic waste, promoting the use of eco-friendly products for furniture and featuring our reusable & recyclable design pieces. It was the perfect time to share with industry experts and leaders about our journey in fostering the circular economy.

Our booth this year centered on the theme of reusability:

  • Booth & Foyer Concept. Besides showcasing our sustainable range, we took a step further and designed our booth to be portable and reusable for our up-and-coming trade shows. The entire set ultimately ended up in our Sungai Buloh showroom, saving them from ending up in the landfill. What a feat!

From left: The main structure and wood panels were rebuilt & reused in our Sungai Buloh showroom.

The booth maximized the floor space by fully utilising KIAN’s Kube system, which is a highly versatile and modular rack.

From top to bottom: Bright, inviting and reusable booth and foyer.

From left: Our remarkable team connecting with visitors.

  • Materials Used in Our Eco-range. Ocean-bound plastic, Recycled Polyester (RPES), Ocean Fabric and Reclaimed HPL Denim are part of our growing, innovative efforts in saving Mother Earth. With another alternative joining the family, our timber collection is now protected by the all-natural and eco-friendly Linseed Oil.

We’ve given a new look to our selected original designs pieces with recycled textiles.

Odeon's stylistic and strong Art Nouveau influence is now enhanced as an upholstered seating.

The Gajah Lounge chair’s inviting approach welcomes visitors to our booth!Who would have thought the textile was made from 1,665 plastic bottles!

Our timber collection such as our Fly and Astras chairs are given a fresh coat of linseed oil. It is a biodegradable, non-toxic alternative because it is a natural product that is derived from the seeds of the flax plant. Hence, using linseed oil for preserving timber is safer for children and the environment.

The Fly and Astras chairs in darker tone of linseed oil enhances the natural pattern and grain of the wood, giving it a rich finish.

BioPE is a type of renewable material derived from living organisms such as utilising ethanol in sugarcane. It is a substitute of fossil fuel that does not need any use of general petrochemical raw materials like normal plastic. By opting for BioPE in our outdoor pieces, it helps reduce greenhouse gases emissions and complements the environment.

From left: Obie and Rumble are outdoor pieces made from 80% BioPE.

And the list goes on. Read more about our other sustainable materials such as reclaimed denim and ocean-bound plastics here.

Alongside our furniture, our team has worked tirelessly for not one but THREE newly launched catalogues. A great selection of exciting new designs for both indoor and outdoor are made accessible here for you.

Made in Malaysia

Malaysian designers are making their mark with their unique blend of traditional and modern style giving our country a strong competitive edge. KIAN alongside other homegrown brands with a global presence such as Timb3r and Novel are some of the notable names of furniture makers in Malaysia.

In the words of Mr. Chua Chun Chai, Chairman of Export Furniture Exhibition (EFE) about our local progress,

“The Malaysian furniture industry has commendably thrived because of its strong downstream sector and is one of the few industries in Malaysia that can proudly stand out for its products as truly ‘Made-in-Malaysia’.”

YAB Dato Sri Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Minister of Plantation and Commodities expressed his pride for local industry,

Over the course of several decades, our industry demonstrates the reputation for its quality and strength, enabling it to become a prominent global exporter to more than 160 countries around the world.”

Left: Big smiles from guest of honours at the end of the EFE opening ceremony.

Right: A huge thanks to Khoo Yeow Chong, President of Malaysia Furniture Council (MFC) for visiting our booth.

Our very own in-house designers, Cyndi Tan and Ong Wen Qi are making their mark with their work.Hence, we are proud of our KIAN talent, Ong Wen Qiin seizing a spot in the Top 20 finalist for this year’s MIFF Furniture Design (FDC) Competition. Her journey as one of the industries’ shining stars makes every milestone in pursuit of growth and resilience worthwhile.

Left: Cyndi Tan, Product Designer is with her attractive designs, Venus and Bonde.

Right: Ong Wen Qi, Product Development Executive is reaching for the stars with her Algieba chair.

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