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Taking On the Education Space with Our Top Workspace Solutions

Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus is one of the most sought-after universities in Malaysia, as it has won many awards through the decades; speaking volume of its prestige. In their journey to achieve world-class excellence, they have taken on considerable refurbishments to provide a conducive, future-forward and focused environment for all their students. This is particularly evident at the Lakeside Campus that covers an area of 27 acres of tropical greenery and 5.5 acre of man-made lake. For Taylor’s, the campus is more than just a place where students study, it is the nurturing ground for young minds of the next generation.

The Project

In bringing more resonance and understanding towards the project as well as playing our part as industry leaders, our Workspace team collaborated with Taylor’s Design School (TDS) student, Chong Yi Qing. She is majoring in Interior Architecture and collaborated on conceptualising and furnishing the space of the Heart Psychological Services waiting area. The result? A carefully curated space to provide serenity, calmness and ease to all who visit.

A panaromic view of the Heart Psychological Services waiting area.

Chong Yi Qing gave a personal touch to students’ safe space; where intimate conversations can take place within the comfortable area.  Since colours of environment contributes to moods, we used warmer hues of upholstered fabric for our furniture selection as it boosts the natural finishing of wood, a complement to the greenery of the lakeside view at the campus.

From top to bottom: Wood accent blends well with the softer hues of customised sofas and chairs’ colours.

Additionally, we included our modern Activity-Based Workspace (AWB) solution that offers comfortable working environments for individual and group usage in the following areas:

  • Students’ lounge area

  • Staff workstation

  • Staff pantry

  • Meeting area

  • Private booth

Our furniture pieces are set seamlessly with the interplay of colours in large spaces. We selected a combination of seating choices such as office chairs and lounge chairs to cater to different needs and working styles. From spacious collaborative areas to private rooms, everyone is given an opportunity to pick and choose their own favourite nook.

From left to right: Top-to-floor window glass with scenic view of the lakeside brings natural light to the students lounge area that is furnished with Gilda barstools, Scape side chairs and Devon lounge chairs.

Left: The staff’s pantry has matching furniture pieces in fiery red that boosts one’s appetite.

Right: Built-in cabinets and workstation area in natural wood colour soften the ambience.

From left to right: A strategically placed Bodega barstools, Gito & Sun lounge chairs at the focus area for private and smaller group discussion.

From left to right: Gale chairs in socialisation and collaboration areas that draws the crowd and energy.

A Space That Inspires

We are honoured to play a role in bringing Chong Yi Qing’s creative vision to life and leaving a memorable mark on her beloved campus. Once again, our team delivered great results through our thorough end-to-end project management from design, renovation works to delivery & installation of loose and built-in furniture pieces. A huge thanks to the Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus committee for trusting in our expertise and capabilities to recreate their educational space with our Workspace solutions.

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