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Sustainable Gifts & Wrapping

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

It’s truly a wonderful time every Christmas. We love the reunions with family and friends as well as all the delicious food. In this Christmas season, it’s our hope to be conscious in our efforts to produce less waste and practice sustainability even with our gifts. Here’s some of the ways we’re hoping to have a more sustainable season of giving!

Homemade gifts in jars

Instead of buying pre-packaged cookies, cakes or even knick-knacks, why not upcycle some jars and fill them with wonderful things. From cookies to hot chocolate mix and even survival kits! Check out some tutorials below:

Here’s another great gift in a jar, a mini aquarium. Tutorial in the link below.

Homemade soap

Soap is a great universal gift and these melt & pour soaps are not just easy but quick, especially when you’ve waited till the last minute to prepare gifts. Check out a great tutorial for a calming Chamomile & Green Tea Soap.

Sustainable wrapping

Even if you’ve already bought gifts, instead of buying wrapping paper which will end up going to the bin, why not try out some of these sustainable alternatives.

Potato chips bags

The shiny insides of a bag of chips is perfect for wrapping gifts.

Paper bags

Save and reuse paper bags for an quick and easy wrapper for smaller gifts.


Use leftover fabric or old clothes to wrap your presents. The Japanese art of furoshiki is a perfect way to wrap gifts.

Learn more about Furoshiki here:

We hope that your Christmas will be merry, bright and sustainable. Thank you for doing your part to keep our planet happy.

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