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As a trusted brand that aims to provide easy and convenient furnishing solutions for our customers, we’re all about versatility and having the ability to service multiple industries. With our In-A-Box solution, no matter what your business may be, you are able to experience our all-encompassing service that will make furnishing your space a breeze.

In the previous month, we shared the capabilities of Restaurant-In-A-Box and how it benefits restaurants and our customers in the F&B industry. For this article, we will be introducing to you Workspace-In-A-Box, a variation of our comprehensive solution that specifically caters to Workspaces.

With Workspace-In-A-Box, you get to enjoy perks such as:

Expert Consultation

Partake in a free consultation session with our team of workspace specialists who have years of industry knowledge and experience under their belts. Pick their minds and receive guidance on how to furnish and transform your office into a highly efficient Activity-Based Workspace, which utilises different unique spaces that allow your employees to choose how, when and where they work.

Create a conducive working experience that will keep your employees energised and productive, with the help of our experts.

Left: AirAsia RedQ @ Selangor, Malaysia

Right: Pret a Manger Workspace @ Hong Kong

Total Workspace Fit Out

We can provide total furniture solutions that can fully furnish your workspace from top to bottom with Workspace-In-A-Box. Our modular and ergonomic designs focus on the well-being of employees and keeping them healthy and happy, with ample opportunities to collaborate and socialise. With our full workspace range, we are able to create various areas such as:

  • Hot desks

  • Collaborative spaces

  • Conference rooms

  • Private booths

  • Outdoor terraces

  • Training rooms

And if need be, we offer comprehensive furniture customisation services to cater to the needs of your workspace or to fill out all those oddly shaped nooks and crannies in your space. We have everything you need to create a unique Activity-Based Workspace with Workspace-In-A-Box.

Left: Common Ground, G Tower @ Bangkok, Thailand

Right: PETRA Group Workspace @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Left: Switching-Time Office @ Shanghai, China

Right: AirAsia RedQ @ Selangor, Malaysia

Peace of Mind

As with all the solutions that KIAN provides, the most important aspect is that our customers are able to have peace of mind when they partner with us. You can definitely expect the same when you choose Workspace-In-A-Box.

Enjoy a worry and hassle-free experience with Workspace-In-A-Box as we manage the furnishing of your workspace from start to finish. We are able to source and manufacture quality assured furniture, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Our skilled experts will then promptly assemble and install all the furniture as soon as it arrives to ensure a fast turnaround and to get your workspace up and running in time for its opening. You save on expenses, time, and headache pills.

Left: Ricoh Corporate Office @ Shanghai, China

Right: AirAsia RedQ @ Selangor, Malaysia

KIAN Sungai Buloh Headquarters @ Selangor, Malaysia

Don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our repertoire of Workspace projects that we have completed using our Workspace-In-A-Box solution.

And if you’d like to experience this solution for yourself, contact us today at!

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