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KIAN Ecosystem Summit: Once Upon a Time in Foshan

Updated: Jun 13

KIAN warriors gathered in Foshan, China.

In the bustling heart of Foshan, China, the Ecosystem Summit became a defining moment for the global KIAN team, an example to our relentless drive to elevate our standards and fortify our international bonds. This event was not merely a gathering; it was a time for us to globally align on a shared vision and setting ambitious goals across regions. It is also a moment for the KIAN ecosystem to share their solutions to problems we face as a group. Against the scenic backdrop of Foshan, we proudly launched our inaugural sub-brand, BAREKA by Kian, heralding a new era of innovation and growth in our company’s illustrious history.

From the 27th of March to the 2nd of April 2024, our distinguished warriors from around the globe embarked on a transformative experience at the KIAN Ecosystem Summit. Orchestrated with meticulous care by our dedicated teams in Malaysia and China, this event exemplified our cohesive efforts and relentless pursuit of excellence.

A highlight of our journey was the Ecosystem Summit Tour, a mesmerizing exploration of Foshan’s cultural treasures. At our state-of-the-art KIAN Foshan factory, participants gained unparalleled insights into the production processes, exquisite craftsmanship, and pioneering innovations that define contemporary furniture manufacturing. This immersive experience showcased to our ecosystem partners what it takes to manufacture our KIAN furniture on a global scale as well as how custom-made orders are manufactured with insights into manpower and the technologies involved.

Ecosystem Summit Tour.

One of the activities during. the Ecosystem Summit Tour.

Beyond our factory, participants explored the enchanting Lingnan Wine Culture Museum and the historic Ancient Lingnan Kiln. At the Wine Culture Museum, they delved into the centuries-old tradition of winemaking, uncovering exhibits that highlighted the rich history, intricate techniques, and cultural significance of this esteemed brewery. This visit provided invaluable lessons on maintaining exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail, principles that KIAN strives to embody in our products.

Inside the wine museum.

KIAN warriors at Ancient Lingnan Kiln.

At the Ancient Lingnan Kiln, participants were transported back in time, witnessing the region’s historical ceramic industry through ancient kilns dating back 500 years. They marvelled at the intricate craftsmanship of ancient pottery and learned about the enduring techniques that have shaped Lingnan ceramics. This visit illuminated the importance of drawing inspiration from our past successes to fuel future innovations. We cannot forget our heritage, who we are, to aspire to a better future.

Ancient Lingnan Kiln.

The journey concluded in the bustling Lingnan Shopping District, where camaraderie flourished, deepening the bonds within our ecosystem.


The Ecosystem Summit Day, held at the Wyndham Hotel, served as a beacon of inspiration. Esteemed speakers, including our CEO of KIAN Ecosystem, Yip, Sales Director, Ken Aui, Supply Chain & Operations Manager, Sabrina Leong, Global Brand Strategy Director, Irene Lim, and Chairman, James Ng, shared invaluable insights that ignited passion and momentum for our future global endeavours. This platform reaffirmed our purpose as a team, celebrated our achievements, and charted an ambitious course for our future.

Ecosystem Summit Day.

Wing Chun activity during the Ecosystem Summit day.

As the sun set over Foshan, we gathered for an unforgettable Appreciation Dinner at the Foshan Golf Club, celebrating the dedication of our extraordinary team. Each team member, from every corner of the globe, played an indispensable role in shaping KIAN’s journey, embodying our core purpose of Better Me, Better We, and Better World. It was at the Appreciation Dinner, BAREKA by Kian was unveiled, encapsulating the essence of the Wing Chun tradition with the theme “Once Upon a Time in Foshan.”

Appreciation Dinner at Foshan Golf Club.

Appreciation Dinner at Foshan Golf Club.

Adding to the evening's significance, we were honoured to host Master Dong, a third-generation practitioner of Wing Chun. Trained by the legendary Ip Chun, the eldest son of Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man, Master Dong has devoted over two decades to mastering the art. His remarkable achievements, including winning the Wing Chun World Championship three times, underscored the depth of tradition and excellence we celebrated that night.

Master Dong with Warrior Jocelyn Tan.

Master Dong teaching Wing Chun to all warriors.

Warriors were practicing Wing Chun.

BAREKA launch with theme "Once Upon a Time in Foshan".

Master Dong's disciples performing Wing Chun during BAREKA launch.

Master Dong and disciples.

BAREKA by Kian’s launch symbolised our strength and willpower to redefine the industry standards as well as creating a more specialised furniture procurement experience for our clients.

The KIAN Ecosystem Summit stands as an annual tradition that aligns our global team and inspires our journey ahead. It demonstrates our dedication to innovation, self-improvement, and global alignment. Together, we will continue to innovate and enter a future full of possibilities.

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