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KIAN @ ICBS 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The International Café & Beverage Show (ICBS) 2022 is boasted as the leading exhibition for showcasing the latest trends on specialty coffee, artisan foods and beverages, as well as services, equipment and café lifestyles.

Taking place from 19-21 May at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Hall 4, it was brimming with passionate artisans flocking to find new business leads and partners, while simultaneously indulging in their love for crafted teas and coffees. Imagine seeing the gleaming machines at Coffex Coffee in their black-themed booth, whilst KIAN’s sponsored designer T-arm barstools in cool mint stood in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The harmonious synergy at the booth invited admiration, and visitors were welcomed by our collaborative hospitality, giving them the opportunity to build connections with a leisurely cup of hot coffee, all the while on comfy seating that has KIAN’s QR code to our Linktree.

There were several interesting titbits that visitors could get their noses on by exploring the exhibition. One could sample the royal yellow tea that was served at Prince Harry’s wedding, or even bring home ingenious, patented tea bags for personal enjoyment. Every neighbouring booth had their own specialty that was just waiting to be discovered.

Overall, the event ended on a delicious note that tingled our senses, as we had a tremendous time spending it with everyone at our booth. We would gladly participate in the next exhibition, but until then, mocha gracias!

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