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McDonald’s China: A Green Milestone

In the fast-paced market of China that is ever growing, McDonald’s has made leaps and bounds in their efforts to turn their establishments into champions of sustainability. As a long-time trusted partner to McDonald’s, we at KIAN are proud to have furnished their latest outlet in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, which marks a significant milestone as it is not only their 800th LEED-certified green outlet to be opened, but also their 4,000th store throughout China!

McDonald’s, Wenzhou @ Zhejiang, China

As KIAN is the major approved supplier to many of the McDonald’s outlets in China, the Wenzhou green outlet is the first to feature the Ocean Plastic 120 chair, from our range of sustainable products that are made of 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic. And with our proven expertise to manufacture recycled furniture, McDonald’s also commissioned KIAN to give second life to discarded and old Happy Meal toys by transforming then into recycled baby chairs to be used in the Wenzhou and future outlets, thus achieving a circular economy.

These 800 LEED-certified outlets have ranked first in the Asia-Pacific region for reducing carbon emissions, with more than 26,000 tons reduced per year. Not only do they bring huge environmental benefits, their excellent indoor air quality, low volatile materials, and visible water and energy-saving facilities allow employees and customers to enjoy a healthier and more comfortable experience.

Left: KIAN Ocean Plastic 120 chair

Middle: McDonald’s Recycled Baby Chair

Right: Timeline to McDonald’s 800th green outlet

Following this success, McDonald’s promises to open more than 1,800 green restaurants by the end 2022, accounting for more than 95% of all new restaurants. We at KIAN look forward to aiding them in achieving their noble goal and to provide these future outlets with more sustainable furniture. It is always a pleasure to partner alongside like-minded brands who care for the environment and creating a Better World for the future.

Check out our blog page to get the full story on our Ocean Plastic (OP) initiative and why you should Opt For OP.

Or you can download our Ocean Plastic Brochure to view our full range of OP products.

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