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Our Promise To You


“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

- Albert Einstein -


As KIAN moves forward on our journey towards the future, we want to assure our customers that they will always be taken care of as they share this experience with us. This is our promise to them, and it continuously evolves to better reflect our commitment to service excellence.

With the turn of the new year, we are excited to reveal the latest edition of our KIAN Brand Promise!

Promises are meant to be kept, so we don’t make ours lightly.

It takes more than just decades-long experience in manufacturing to have a deep understanding of what customers look for in furniture. We’re leading the field in the furniture industry because we’ve invested time in listening to your particular needs and can be relied on to come up with solutions for them.

Our KIAN Brand Promise says what you can expect from us.



KIAN’s product offerings epitomise the ideal combination of trendsetting style and high contract quality performance. The versatility and timelessness of our Original Designs make them obvious choices for a wide range of applications across various market segments, from HORECA establishments to workspaces, education institutions and aged care centres.

Beyond manufacturing better designed furniture, we’re also always striving for better blueprints in every aspect of our business that impacts how we serve you. Our quest for ever better design spans all fields of endeavour within our organisation. We constantly apply new ideas for improving areas such as workflow, sales presentations, training, logistics and even human resource management, all targeted at giving you seamless end-to-end service.



We’re single-mindedly focused on giving you peace of mind and making life easier for you. You’ll see this difference in how we provide smart and total furniture solutions, prompt responses due to our localised presence and global service network, convenient and coordinated transport of all your varied furniture item purchases, and reliable on-time delivery to the destination of your choice.

More than that, we offer exclusivity: our Original Designs are created only for KIAN by globally renowned award-winning designers. In addition, the cost savings gained from economies of scale in all our factories are passed on to you to keep our prices reasonable.



As citizens of Earth, we owe a duty of care to the environment, to you and to each other. We want to help make our world a cleaner, safer, more sustainable home*. KIAN adheres to LEAN management practices for better efficiency and reduced wastage, responsibly uses eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing processes, works at diminishing our carbon footprint, and partners with businesses that share a similar vision. When you purchase a KIAN product, you’re also contributing towards a greener earth.

Our people’s total wellbeing matters a great deal to us. We care for their emotional and physical health and believe in helping them to achieve their full potential. In so doing, we hope to make a tangible difference wherever in the world you find the KIAN name.

*KIAN’s latest range of sustainable furniture uses FSC wood and recycled ocean-bound plastics. We are also currently partnering with NGOs on several projects to improve the lives of the less fortunate.


Embark on this journey towards the future together with us. Follow us on our social media and stay up to date with the latest content about our endeavours to bring you Better Design, Better Value, and a Better World.

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