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A Greener & Bolder Archidex 2022

Left: KIAN team welcomes everyone with a smile

Right: Workspace Stories Catalogue

The 21st ARCHIDEX International Architecture, Interior Design & Building Exhibition, held in Malaysia from 29 June – 2 July 2022, returned as Asia’s leading architecture business event. This event is the main hub for industry professionals to converge for networking sessions and to simultaneously compete for the ARCHIDEX Star Award.

Work Anywhere, our latest sub-brand was officially launched at our KIAN booth, specializing in providing objective consultation and furniture to create Activity-Based Workspaces to suit the needs of your brand. Moreover, Activity-Based Workspaces feature mobile and agile furniture that promotes collaboration in different areas that are dedicated to various tasks. From common areas to focus spaces, employees are given the power to choose how and where they work throughout the day. One of the prominent projects that featured our versatile and sustainable workspace solutions was our collaboration with Novartis which resulted in a LEED certification.

Left: A view of our booth

Right: KIAN x Dignity tote bag Visitors could create their own workspace story by browsing our Workspace Stories Catalogue which is also downloadable at our KIAN website. Have a look at our first edition catalogue that is curated based on our innovative solutions.

At the booth, our catalogues are also accompanied together with a handsewn Dignity tote bag. Produced in limited quantities, these Dignity bags are special as they are made from leftover Aquaclean fabrics found in our factories, so that none goes to waste.

Additionally, Aquaclean fabric is used in FLEXX, which is an all-purpose seating concept that is akin to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle alongside extra accessories such as coat hangers. Eye-catching colours of blue, red and yellow FLEXX seating invited passersby for a moment of respite.

Left: Visitors are browsing our sustainable solutions

Middle: FLEXX seating

Right: A side view of our booth

We presented sustainable solutions that are not only design-conscious but also made of unconventional, recycled materials:

· Rice Husk Composite – a greener alternative to timber

· Coffee Ground Table

· Ocean Plastic Chairs – from sea to seat

· Ocean Fabric - textile from the sea

· Reclaimed Denim HPL (High Pressure Laminate) – denim jeans turned into a tabletop

If you are curious to know more, head-on to our sustainable selections that we have prepared for you.

In line with our promise of a Better World, even the uniforms worn for the event fit the theme as they were made of 100% recycled polyester fiber. For four fruitful consecutive days, we shared our joy in bringing sustainable and intelligent solutions to the table. Visitors could enjoy a hands-on experience with the raw, sustainable materials, together with the finished product on display. The versatility of the recycled materials evoked positive reactions at our booth. As an example, it could be seen in our Rice Husk Composite display. From the flooring to the bench seating and the table, the Rice Husk Composite was a scene stealer.

And if you would like to experience these solutions yourself, contact us today at for a special tour at our showroom.

We appreciated everyone who had come a long way to visit us at our Work Anywhere booth. Until then, we hope to see you at the next exhibition.

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