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The Sunway Project: Recycling For A Better Tomorrow

When we work with customers on their projects, we always ensure that we uphold our Brand Promise and that our customers always enjoy Better Design, Better Value and Better World. In one of our recent endeavours, we completed a job that had a notable emphasis on Better Value, Better World and circular economy.

Contracted by the Sunway Group, we were tasked with refurbishing their outdoor auditorium in Sunway Lagoon @ Selangor, Malaysia, where the old plastic seats were in disrepair and needed to be replaced. During the tendering process, the Sunway Group did not hesitate to work with us after we presented KIAN’s capabilities and our previous experiences handling complicated projects. We are grateful that with our proven track record and reliability, we were awarded with this job and the opportunity to partner with such a distinguished brand.


Project managing the refurbishment of this outdoor auditorium wasn’t going to be an easy task. A total of over 2,000 plastic seats needed to be replaced, so we immediately started with production of the replacements. As with all projects, obstacles are bound to happen. With the completion of production, Malaysia was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic and was put under the Movement Control Order (MCO), which caused delays to delivery.

Using our many years of industry experience, our Warriors, to the best of their abilities, were able to deliver the plastic seats and complete the installation according to schedule without extension. We also provided an extra service of numbering the chairs, where our team devised a cost-effective method of using spray on sticker templates that allowed for faster and cleaner work.


The highlight of this journey was what came at the end. As part of the project management, our team was left with the responsibility of dealing with the old plastic chairs. Keeping our Brand Promise of a Better World close to heart, one of our reliable Warriors, Ken Yap, suggested taking the sustainable route by recycling the old chairs instead of sending them to a landfill.

Sent off to a local recycling company in Malaysia, the old chairs were broken down and remade into recycled plastic resin. These raw materials will then be sold to various manufacturers of plastic products, thus keeping the plastic above ground and in a circular economy.

What is circular economy you may ask? Read our Ocean Plastic Brochure in the link below and find out all you need to know about circular economy and the importance of it.

Adding on to our Better World story, the funds that KIAN received from recycling the old plastic chairs will be in turn used as capital for our other sustainable efforts in the future. Stay tuned to our page for upcoming developments!


We would like to give our special thanks to Ken Yap for upholding the KIAN Brand Promise and believing in creating a Better World.


At the end of it all, we are honoured to have been able to work together with the Sunway Group and be able to provide the solutions for their needs. We hope that in the future, we are able to continue working on projects with other like-minded individuals or companies who share the vision of a sustainable future and having a positive impact on our environment.

If you have a project in mind that you would like us to help you with, drop us an email at or visit our Contact Us page.

We’re always more than happy to help!

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