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Megah Rise Residence: An Outdoor Experience Like No Other

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

The Project

Tucked within the brick and mortar of suburbia Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Megah Rise Residence is an up-and-coming luxurious condominium built to give its residents a piece of solace from the hustle and bustle of modern life. With that in mind, our collaboration on this project gave us the ripe opportunity to showcase our outdoor furniture solutions, curating a spectacular outdoor experience befitting the 228-unit, single block, high rise.

The Undertaking

Upon taking on the project, we were charged to transform the Sky Garden and Poolside area into an Eden of tranquility and serenity, where its residents can come home and look forward to an outdoor relaxation replete with a view of the skylines of the township.

Our biggest upper hand in achieving success for the project was our vast and efficient supply chain network. The Hotel and Accommodation team’s strength in utilising our worldwide network of reliable suppliers gave us quick access to what they required at the best prices. We consolidated pieces from five different countries such as Italy, India, Spain, Malaysia and China to give our customer a wider selection of outdoor furniture. Our team worked closely with them in providing intelligent solutions, incorporating pieces from our original and bespoke designs to bring to life a breathtaking Sky Garden and Poolside area.

The project included our collections from:

  • KIAN Original Design

  • Nardi Outdoor Italy

  • Vondom Spain

Left: Sabinas lounge chair by Javier Mariscal sets the mood for a cosy, relaxation moment

Right: Chiara planter to supplement airflow and for a breezy lookout onto the suburbia skyline

Left: Comfortable Piero stools for a good kick-back-and-relax time

Right: Net armchair and Lava bench designed by Karim Rashid giving hues of vibrancy with its distinctive designs

Bag Bartool by Enrique Marti, KIAN’s Original Design

Left: Matching colour tones between the blue sky, poolside area and Sabinas lounge chair

Right: Sit back and relax on an Italian made Sun Lounger at the poolside area

Komodo series nestled under the shade

We Don’t Just Deliver, We Excel

Megah Rise Residences is adorned with playful blends of bright to muted colours as well as different textures and designs, and the team successfully accentuated its harmonious design through our adept project management services where we oversaw the project from end-to-end.

Right from furniture selection consultation to consolidating and furniture customisation we were able to cater to and fulfil the customer’s needs, while simultaneously elevating the picturesque view of the open sky by getting the right pieces in. To protect against Malaysia’s harsh humidity, our collections were treated with UV additives that ensured long lasting colours and durability.

And when we say we deliver, WE DELIVER. The awesome team at KIAN ran a tight ship from manufacturing, delivery to installation. Truly a peace of mind for our customers. It was a great pleasure to have to been on this amazing project with Megah Rise Group!

Customised seat and swing set that mimics a bird nest

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