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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Throughout our many years in the furniture industry, we’ve come to understand the difficulties and hassles that our customers experience with every project. That is why we at KIAN aim to always provide Better Design, Better Value, and a Better World when customers choose to work with us.

When furnishing your restaurant business, having to source for quality furniture from different approved suppliers, coordinating them to be delivered and installed at the same time, and aligning the design of multiple stores with your brand image, have been a pain point for most.

Through rigorous value engineering, we have created Restaurant-In-A-Box, the solution for all your woes. As a Global Approved Supplier to many internationally acclaimed brands, such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Jr., Starbucks, Papa John's, Subway and many others, we have the experience and knowledge to handle the nitty-gritty of furnishing a restaurant. You save on time and expenses, and consistent branding across all stores is guaranteed!

Top To Bottom Furnishing

Choosing our Restaurant-In-A-Box solution, we have the capabilities to fully outfit your entire establishment from top to bottom with global specifications approved furniture and décor such as:

  • Chairs

  • Barstools

  • Booth seatings

  • Tables

  • Countertops

  • Trash bins

  • Condiment stations

  • Lightings

  • Wall fixtures

  • Partitions

  • Signages

And many more!

There’s no need for you to go through the hassle of sourcing for furniture from numerous different suppliers. With KIAN, we provide total furniture solutions for all your restaurant needs.

Additionally, we have recently started our Green Initiatives where you now have the option to furnish your restaurant with our sustainable Ocean Plastic (OP) collection. OP is made of recycled ocean-bound plastics that have been ethically gathered from coastlines around Malaysia. Proudly furnish your space with a clear conscience as you make the change for a greener, healthier Earth.

Left: Yuan Men Qing Xi B&B @ Chongqing, China

Middle: PappaRich, Westfield Fountain Gate @ Victoria, Australia

Right: Roberto's 1020 Osteria, Bangsar Shopping Centre @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

McDonald’s @ Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Featuring our sustainable OP Louvre chair.

Peace of Mind

Including the capabilities to fully outfit your entire establishment from top to bottom, we also provide thorough project management services where we oversee the furnishing of your restaurant from the start right to the very end.

With our vast Global Network, we have regional manufacturing facilities in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam that are able to manufacture quality assured furniture, which will then be delivered right to your doorstep. And with our Local Solutions, our skilled local teams are stationed to promptly assemble and install the furniture as soon as it arrives, all in time for the opening of your restaurant. Our Restaurant-In-A-Box solution promises you peace of mind.

Check out our Global Contacts Page and find our KIAN representative closest to you.

Left: Dewakan, Naza Tower @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Right: Starbucks Reserve Dewata @ Bali, Indonesia

Consistent Brand Image

For restaurant franchises, upholding a consistent image across all stores is important for the identity of the brand. With our Restaurant-In-A-Box solution, we are able to provide store designs and 3D layouts, which ensure that the outlets we furnish will have a consistent brand image no matter where they are in the world.

Tell us about the concept you have in mind for your restaurant, or show us your guidebook. Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we consult with interior designers or architects to develop the furniture or store design. We also provide interior designers with the necessary tools to speed up the design process and save time, such as:

  • Block drawings

  • File renderings

  • Swatches

  • Technical drawings

Left: Carl’s Jr. @ Yokosuka, Japan

Right: Papa John’s Pizza @ Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Left: Harry’s @ Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Right: Pizza Hut @ Piura, Peru

Don’t take our word for it. Have a look at our repertoire of restaurant projects that we have completed using our Restaurant-In-A-Box solution.

Lifestyle Restaurants

Quick-Service Restaurants

And if you’d like to experience this solution for yourself, contact us today at!

Let us explain how we’ll combine our wide-ranging resources, technical capabilities, and respect for your financial and environmental constraints to help you furnish your restaurant business.

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