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The beginning of our newest journey

A Step Towards Sustainability

The need for abundant amounts of plastic in our everyday life has led to the rise of plastic wastes being generated. Unfortunately, most plastic wastes are often not disposed of properly and have accumulated at alarming rates. For years, plastic wastes have plagued our planet, affecting every living being and especially our source of life, the ocean.

To ensure a brighter future for the world and for our generations to come, we at KIAN, have begun taking sustainable steps in order to help curb this growing epidemic. We have partnered ourselves with Heng Hiap Industries, a recycling company from Malaysia who is working with OceanWorks to become a fully certified OceanPlastic supplier. OceanPlastic is ethically-gathered plastic waste from the ocean, and we hope to transform it into high-grade polypropylene that will be used to manufacture some of our award-winning furniture.

We kick started our sustainable effort by working with Heng Hiap where recycled polypropylene pallets were made in the Pantone’s 2019 Colour of the Year, Living Coral. This is quite timely to signify our efforts in saving the ocean. The recycled material has since undergone rigorous tests and has been used to make our first sustainable model, the Louvre Chair by Designer Danny Fang. The samples created, although far from perfect, are a big step for KIAN towards a sustainable future and we are hoping to incorporate recycled OceanPlastic in more of our furniture when it is ready.

At this moment, we have the prototypes prepared, and while waiting to perfect it, we hope to create the awareness of the need to do our bit to save our oceans.

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