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The Future of Learning Spaces: Digital Way Academy

The Digital Way Academy, an educational institution, sits right smack in the centre of Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Tun Razak. The well-known postcode is a bustling thoroughfare that is home to many businesses, international schools and high rises, making it one of the most dynamic areas for a digital educational institution.

KIAN was tasked to create an environment that combines hybrid learning and sustainability with high functionality for the Academy. With our know-how, expertise and A-team we took on the challenge, and curated a space that we are proud to showcase to all our stakeholders.

A Sustainable Hybrid Space Demands an Activity-based Workspace Solution

Firstly, we significantly reduced waste in the production of furniture for this project by upcycling existing materials yet adding character and bolstering functionality. Our team of designers and global resources gave us an edge in terms of customisation and were able to accomplish the following:

  • Repurposed and refurbished existing products previously used in restaurants by our F&B partners with new sustainable pieces.

  • Designed and produced furniture made from off-cut materials like Oriented Strand Board (OSB), particle board and plywood.

  • Supplied break-out areas with our ocean-bound Louvre plastic chairs.

Left: A new ambiance with these repurposed and refurbished pieces.

Right: Refurbished round stools for students & faculty to sit and enjoy the KL skyline.

Left: OSB communal tables paired with customised chairs to boast communality.

Right: Louvre chair in red adds a splash of colour to the open space.

We further elevated their space by incorporating modular designs. Our team went through a detailed process of designing and space planning to increase learners’ mobility. Each area is designed to be highly functional spaces with Activity-based Workspace (AWB) solution and whilst leaving room for quick configurations according to our client’s needs. As a result, a spacious environment for 250 people was created without disrupting the natural flow of the space itself. Ergonomics at its best!

Left: A social and collaborative space for 250 people

Right: Single and twin privacy booths as quiet zones.

Activity-based Workspace (AWB) solution offers flexibility to accommodate individual or group usage. We stationed private booths and collaboration pods (CoPod) in different areas of the institution, making it easy to reconfigure classrooms and common areas to suit different activities. This approach fosters a dynamic and creative learning environment among pupils at the academy.

Left: Modular Geometry tables are customised to fit in smaller classrooms.

Right: CoPod booths with built-in electrical outlets to give privacy at common areas.

Left: OSB modular screen panels for subtle space separation.

Middle: Custom lockers as an added storage solution.

Right: Modular storage dividers with customisable combinations.

That’s not all, a beautifully orchestrated blend of colours was achieved through the refurbishment of their sofas with our intelligent solutions, Aquaclean fabric. We anticipated their need for furniture pieces that are easy to clean, maintain, and to withstand daily usage.

Overall, the quality of workmanship can be seen through fabric upholstery, wood and metal finishing of our furniture. Both materials and finishes were paired together to create a cohesive design to suit the theme of this project. We go the distance from start to finish in order to deliver a peace of mind for our customers.

Left: The vibrancy of open space is enhanced by colourful range of custom sofas & Rondo stools.

Right: Utilising off-cut materials to enhance dead spaces.

Designing for a Better World

We believe in making positive changes that we want to see, starting with ourselves. Hence, it has been a great pleasure working with The Digital Way Academy in not only curating a highly functional and future-ready learning space but by achieving it through sustainable methods. Designing with a conscience allowed us to peer into the long-term effects of our pieces, gathering the right supply chain to build more sustainable solutions and doing our part in the push for a circular economy and a Better World.

If you are interested to collaborate in a similar project, contact us at today!

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