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The Spirit of Giving

In our Better World initiative, our focus is not only on environmental sustainability, but also in building bridges to create sustainable livelihoods within our communities. Whenever we are able to and given the chance, we lend a helping hand to the less privileged and strive to create a solid foundation that in hopes will help these communities achieve a brighter future.

Recently in KIAN Contract Cambodia, led by our reliable Warrior, Reya, the team proactively undertook a project that aimed to assist a local NGO, SFODA Orphanage, in generating a sustainable income to support its children. In addition to providing funds, the objective was to also teach the children about working hard for their future. We provided them with blank artworks of our KIAN furniture that they could colour on, which would then be framed up neatly and sold to customers and kind souls who were keen to contribute to the orphanage.

Courtesy of our Regional Director, Edward Mak, he personally designed and drew all the artworks for the children in Cambodia to colour. Although based in Shanghai, he couldn’t pass on this opportunity to use his artistic talents to aid a good cause. We would also like to give our special thanks to Chris and Irene, our leaders in Malaysia, for their efforts and support for this project. No matter the distance, each and every one of our KIAN Warriors are always ready to give back to the community, wherever we are in the world.

It is a blessing for us at KIAN to have been able to work together with SFODA Orphanage in this endeavour. The experience was unforgettable and we hope that our efforts will bear fruit. At the end of the day, seeing the happy faces of the children made it all worthwhile, and that they are able to enjoy a Better World, due to their colouring efforts, with a little extra help.

If you’re interested to know how you can contribute to the SFODA Orphanage, you can contact us at

Alternatively, you can visit their Facebook page at

We also invite individuals and corporations who share a similar vision as us, to contact us for collaboration opportunities.

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